ABR Peer Review 

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Who are we?

ERA Training & Consultancy was set up by Dr Guy Lightfoot on his retirement in 2013 from his appointment as Consultant Clinical Scientist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. ABR Peer Review is a Division of ERA Training & Consultancy Ltd, whose main activity is running training courses on ERA.

Guy Lightfoot worked in adult diagnostic audiology at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital from 1976 to 2013. Until March 2014 he worked as a member of the NHSP Clinical Group, responsible for developing and updating national guidance for newborn ABR testing, spending most of his NHSP time peer reviewing and mentoring ABR testers. From April 2014 those activities have been beyond the remit of NHSP and some of them are offered by ABR Peer Review.

Guy is on the Council of the IERASG and is an active member of the BSA Electrophysiological Measurement special interest group. His previous responsibilities include Chief Examiner of the British CAC scheme and the Continuing Professional Development Co-ordinator and Board member for the British Academy of Audiology.

What do users say?

Comments from Support Voucher users:

“The peer review service provided by ERA Training & Consultancy Ltd has been invaluable in improving my technical and clinical skills in neonatal ABR testing and it provides me with the reassurance I need in knowing that I have done my best for my patients”. Rachel Beeby (Dorset County Hospital)

“Support Vouchers are not just beneficial for Newborn Hearing Screening.

We perform ABRs on our more complex children; ages ranging from 1 to 3 years old. Performing ABRs on anyone older than an infant can be very challenging, and it is great to know that our results can be verified by an expert in this field. The vouchers last for 2 years from purchase, which is great as there is no pressure that they will expire before we have used them up.

We always get a quick response and support with feedback is excellent.

Highly recommended to all that perform ABRs”.

Lisa Ronsisvalle (Cambridgeshire Community Services)

"I found the support voucher scheme invaluable last year. Having this input gave me greater confidence in my interpretation of results and reassurance that my testing fully satisfied current NHSP guidance. Because of the tight time scales for reporting and acting on diagnostic results, knowing that I could rely on obtaining peer reviewed traces from ERATC within 2 working days meant I could much more effectively plan and complete administration. Often a review was returned within the same day which was excellent and a real stress reducer!"

Julie Bath (Lancashire Teaching Hospitals)

Comments from peer reviewer accreditation graduates:

“I just wanted to say that it has been a very good challenge and excellent CPD as well.....again thanks for all your input.” Mark Fenton (Northgate Public Services).

“I'm delighted to have been successful and I appreciate your tuition and guidance over the course of the accreditation process.” Cathal McGurgan (Republic of Ireland).

"Undergoing the peer review accreditation process has significantly improved my ability and confidence  when both performing ABR clinically and when reviewing other professionals work." Trevor Foster (South Tees NHS Trust)

Legal Stuff: ERA Training & Consultancy Ltd (ERATC), its Division ABR Peer Review, Directors and Consultants working on their behalf offer advice, peer review services and guidance in good faith and intended to reflect best clinical practice, based on current NHSP national guidance. However the responsibility for the correct diagnosis and management of individual patients must remain with the NHS Trust in which they were seen. ERATC can accept no responsibility for any errors of diagnosis or management of patients resulting from advice given by them or on their behalf.